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Director of OMOD awarded the State Award "Honored Builder of the Republic of Tatarstan"



The demand for legal services has become more popular in Russia during the last years. Businessmen and citizens comprehend that business efficiency, level of income and living standard, at last, depends directly on legal protection rate. Legal recourse, solution of economic, civil, employment controversies in legal form proxy-aided (proxy is a legal expert) becomes a customary practice. Demand is known to cause supply. There are more than 1000 legal companies that offer traditional (standard) and new kinds of legal service at Moscow legal service market today.

Traditional legal services are:

Legal services for business are:

-           registration of firms (LLC, Public Corporations, Close corporations), non-profit and public corporations: optimal organizational-legal form choice, constitutive documents preparation, public registration;

-           registration of changes and additions at the constitutive documents;

-           registration of affiliates and agencies of Russian and foreign companies;

-           assistance in obtaining of licenses, certificates, other licensing documents;

-           trademark registration;

-           finished business selling;

-           verbal and written consultation about  entrepreneurial (commercial, economic) law;

-           giving advise on Russian legislation;

-           economic and labour contracts preparation, claims, writs, other legal documents preparation;

-           legal examination of business documents to ascertain if they fit with existing legislation;

-           bargains’ legal accompaniment;

-           pre-trial and out-of-court procedures for settling economic and labour disputes (negotiations and other legal manners);

-           business interest intermediation in courts and courts of arbitration;

-           collection of debts;

-           tax refund;

-           business and public agencies disputes settlement;

-           legal security of investment activity and privatization;

-           foreign-economic activity legal accompaniment;

-           commercial activity at a free trade area legal accompaniment;

-           rendering of complex legal service to business.


Legal services for business are:

-           verbal and written legal consultations at the matters of family, housing, labour law, protection of consumers, traffic accident, etc.;

-           claims, complaints, writs execution, civil and labour contracts drafting;

-           real estate business legal accompaniment;

-           author's rights registration and defence;

-           pre-trial and out-of-court procedures for settling family, housing, hereditary and labour disputes;

-           principals interest intermediation at public offices and other organizations;

-           interest intermediation in courts on civil and criminal cases.
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